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  1. He took advantage of a grassy pitch still ideally suited to the seam bowlers.
  2. Seam bowlers Simon Doull and Shayne O'Connor took two wickets each for New
  3. They replace seam bowler Ajit Agarkar, opener Aakash Chopra and wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel.
  4. Anderson was praised for his performance in conditions which did not favour seam bowlers.
  5. He was a right-arm seam bowler and useful lower-order batsman.
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  7. Ganguly said, praising his seam bowlers.
  8. The seam bowler finished with respectable figures of 2 for 43 off his 10 overs.
  9. There was dampness on the pitch and I knew there was something for the seam bowlers,
  10. Seam bowler Arthur Rhodes was a regular player in 1932, replacing the retired Emmott Robinson.
  11. The wicket prepared for the final looks full of runs and may help seam bowlers earlier on.
  12. The wicket prepared for the final looked full of runs and may help seam bowlers earlier on.
  13. four wickets fell for 18 runs in 46 balls as the South African seam bowlers fought back.
  14. Jayasuriya said he was pleased to see the Sri Lankan seam bowlers share Muralitharan's burden.
  15. Williams was a right arm seam bowler and after retiring he became the bowling coach at Boland.
  16. David is a very accurate seam bowler who bowls at speeds around 75 80 miles per hour.
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