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  1. For each PDB in the SCOP category, we'd fetch its image from the EBI, craft the information file with the right category, and then upload them in batches.
  2. -- Scopus Technology Inc . ( SCOP US ) was downgraded to " hold " from " strong buy " by analyst Joseph J . Farley at UBS Securities.
  3. Over the years SCOP has supported the development of computational tools and contributed to the understanding of protein repertoire, of how proteins relate to each other and how their structures and functions evolved.
  4. Descriptions of such terms may be found at the CATH Web site the Structural Classification of Proteins ( SCOP ) Web site and a Glaxo-Wellcome tutorial on the Swiss bioinformatics Expasy Web site.
  5. For instance, some former LIP workers returned to work in Palente with the SCOP ( " Soci閠?coop閞ative de production " ) cooperative Lip Pr閏ision Industrie, which employs about twenty persons.
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