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  1. Scop . in family Lygaeidae and " Carpocoris mediterraneus"
  2. The West Germanic counterpart of the skald is the scop.
  3. Should I categorize them by SCOP family or something?
  4. This produces a greater SCOP ( Seasonal COP ).
  5. The most potent of remedies, Transderm Scop, is available only by prescription.
  6. It's difficult to find scop in a sentence.
  7. The beta-grasp domain has some initiation factor 3 as identified by the SCOP database.
  8. The Anglo-Saxon scop and gleeman were replaced in the thirteenth century by the minstrel.
  9. Therefore, they have been assigned to the same superfamily in Structural Classification of Proteins ( SCOP ).
  10. Very little is known about the mythical scop, and its historical existence is questioned by some scholars.
  11. There is a keyboard shortcut on newer Apple laptops with an internal battery, nicknamed " SCOP ".
  12. Submit a protein or DNA sequence for SCOP superfamily and family level classification using the SUPERFAMILY HMM's.
  13. On 20 May 2014, the CMA ruled that the SCOP could no longer operate ferry services from Dover.
  14. The cooperative society " Scop O'Ch阯e " was established at Assier as part of its expansion.
  15. In 2007, foundation with five other members of la SCOP d'閐ucation populaire et transformation sociale Le Pav?
  16. Armed Security officers do not have fresh pursuit authority ( off of their grounds / property ) whereas SCOP officers do.
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