scoots in a sentence

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  1. Another scoots all around, even trying to climb the pool wall.
  2. Banagalore-Indias-largest-gearless-scoot AP JORDAN
  3. SCOOT is the largest French directory after France Telecom's service.
  4. Don't do the boot scoot, pardners.
  5. Scoot over, hoss, I'm feeling a little faint myself.
  6. It's difficult to find scoots in a sentence.
  7. Then he scoots himself around a quarter-turn.
  8. I had to scoot it over to get in.
  9. When we scoot into the driver's seat, we feel indestructible.
  10. That could be Boat's cue to scoot.
  11. At best, it scoots through and the Red Sox go home winners.
  12. And now, with a chance to lead them all, he scoots?
  13. Either they go in properly or you just kind of scoot them in.
  14. Friends don't let their friends scoot drunk.
  15. Stokley was the second Raven to scoot by Sehorn.
  16. Scooter : Mini Scoot by Mongoose and Ripper by AMX
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