scoots in a sentence

"scoots" meaning  "scoots" in Chinese  
  1. "Lead Thoughts " scoots around the country perimeter.
  2. It's, like, ` Scoot ! "'
  3. Scoot over, Bobby Bonilla, Ramon Martinez and Todd Hollandsworth.
  4. Younger sibling Alexis scoots in next to her dad, John.
  5. Every time they think they have it, it scoots free.
  6. It's difficult to find scoots in a sentence.
  7. Tyberwood finished second and I Scoot Hanover held on for third.
  8. Divers sometimes make surprise jumps and scoot away before getting caught.
  9. He has to get rolling, he just can scoot by horses.
  10. If you don't like Kevin, then scoot.
  11. "You can't just scoot in anymore.
  12. He just needs to be able to scoot every now and then.
  13. The Mavs will cough up big scoots to keep Trent.
  14. I'd scoot myself to the coatroom really quickly ."
  15. But Scoot . com rejected the bid as too low.
  16. And the depth that I can scoot back, wedged tight
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