scoot down meaning

  • [American slang]
    to go (down) somewhere in a hurry.
      I want you to scoot down to the store and get me a dozen eggs. Okay?
      I'll scoot down as soon as I finish reading the newspaper.


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  1. The Kantrowitzes were able to scoot down from their seats in Section S, Row G all the way down to Row B . ( " Not a good sign,"
  2. Malcolm is outside the home of Cole Sear ( seer _ get it ? ), a worried, jitter-riddled boy who scoots down the street as if he's being chased.
  3. You can see the new stadium site _ 75 acres of land that doesn't need to be cleared or bought or fought over _ as you scoot down I-84 into East Hartford.
  4. If it isn't a crossover, then you probably ought to scoot down on the bench;-] Hope I could help talk ) 03 : 45, 9 January 2008 ( UTC)
  5. When I got to the Lake Casitas marina to claim a rental sit-on-top craft, I watched the guy before me scoot down from the dock, backside first, into a kayak.

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