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[ sei ] Pronunciation:   "say" in a sentence   "say" meaning
  • vt.,vi.
    1.说,讲;表达;表明,宣示;声明,主张,断定。 Say all you know and say it without reserve. 知无不言,言无不尽。 S- no more. 别再说了。 Never say die! 不可气馁! Do you mean what you say? 你是说真的吗? 你说的是当真的吗? I mean what I say. 我说了是算数的。 S- what you mean. 把你的意思说明白。 Do you+More...
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  1. He did not even bother to say thank you .
  2. She said she collected her wits somehow .
  3. You have nothing to say to each other .
  4. Do not trust him , no matter what he says .
  5. "i fooled my family", she said .

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