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  1. He chose to endorse his prot間?Elias Sarkis instead.
  2. It is located in the gorge just below the church of Saint Sarkis.
  3. The Mar Sarkis and the Monastery of Qozhaya areas.
  4. The largest of the churches is Surb Sarkis built in the 7th century.
  5. Nearby is also the church of S . Sarkis.
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  7. Saint Sarkis Church as the whole Tbilisi Armenian community was in a rise.
  8. "The camaraderie is what makes it special, " says Sarkis.
  9. Sarkis, too, grew up around gambling.
  10. Sarkis Harootunian, Hoffmann's spokesman, said the letter was a mistake.
  11. Frangie's term ended in 1976 when Elias Sarkis was elected as president.
  12. Sarkis won greater fame than Hagop because he constructed the structures his brother designed.
  13. Directly below Saint Sarkis in the gorge is a unique bridge built in 1664.
  14. After Khalil Ramez Sarkis, editing and publishing was taken over by Gebran Hayek.
  15. Sarkis Torossian became engaged with Jemileh soon thereafter.
  16. It is named after Mount Ararat; the symbol of the Saint Sarkis Cathedral.
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