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  1. Sarkis Khachatrian died of severe burns in the Yerevan Central Hospital.
  2. Sarkis could appoint Salim Hoss as prime minister in December 1976.
  3. The influence of Syria led to the election of Elias Sarkis.
  4. Yaacoub Sarkis was a famous author and researcher in Iraqi arts.
  5. Sarkis Hagopian was born in Syria on June 20, 1946.
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  7. "Everyone's on board, " said Sarkis.
  8. During the Lebanese civil war, Sarkis Zeitlian played a decisive role.
  9. She had four brothers, Sarkis, Boos, Ha鏸k and Hovhannes.
  10. Sarkis is also known as the designer of many buildings.
  11. Ibn Ajramah was buried in Aitou behind the church of Mar Sarkis.
  12. It is the work of the Aleppine-Armenian architect Sarkis Balmanougian.
  13. Sarkis was deeply concerned about these events and prayed for a solution.
  14. When Sarkis died, light had appeared over his body.
  15. Mr . Sarkis was born in Bath, Maine.
  16. Sarkis Soghanalian, 72, entered the plea Monday.
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