sarking meaning

Pronunciation:   "sarking" in a sentence
  • Noun: sarking
    1. Thin boards for sheathing, as above the rafters, and under the shingles or slates, and for similar purposes

    Derived forms: sarkings

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  1. Bitumen roofing felt is nailed to the sarking and a dimpled cavity drainage membrane is laid over the top ( dimples face down ) to form a drainage layer.
  2. In the UK, fixing is typically with double nails onto timber battens ( England and Wales ) or nailed directly onto timber sarking boards ( Scotland and Northern Ireland ).
  3. Typical uses of felt paper are as an underlay ( ment ) ( sarking ) beneath other building materials, particularly roofing and siding materials, and is one type of membrane used in asphalt ice dams.
  4. The extensive use of timber for the roof, with exposed sarking, struts and rafters is typical of architect designed New Zealand houses of the 60's and 70's that delight in the virtuostic display of carpentry work.
  5. In current usage in Australia, " sarking " refers to a laminated aluminium foil layer ( commonly described as RFL, or reflective foil laminate ) that is installed on the roof trusses, beneath the battens, supporting a tile or metal deck roof.

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