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[ 'sæbətɑ:ʒ, -tidʒ ] Pronunciation:   "sabotage" in a sentence   "sabotage" meaning
  • n.
    怠工;(劳资纠纷、战争中的)胡乱破坏。 engage in sabotage 从事破坏。vt.,vi.
    (对…)怠工 (on); 破坏,阻挠。 sabotage peace 破坏和平。
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  1. Simultaneously, brilliant and daring sabotage operations were carried out by greek agents against axis shipping in the piraeus .
  2. Crime of intentionally sabotaging public or private property
  3. Damn it ! i didn ' t sabotage your lousy airplane
  4. Will they try to sabotage a competitor ' s site
  5. You ' re sabotaging a fucking incredible figure , baby

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