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  1. Some typical schemes are implemented via this data structure ( loop subdivision , catmull - clark subdivision , do - sabin subdivision , hybrid subdivision , adaptive subdivision ) . the technique of opengl is utilized to accomplish some basic operations , such as rotation , zoom , pan , pick and so on . finally the algorithms studied by our research group are integrated , and a prototype system based on subdivision surface is developed
    ( 4 )改进了适合于曲面细分的的翼边数据结构,并实现了典型的细分算法( loop细分、 catmullclark细分、 doo - sabin细分、混合细分、自适应细分) ;采用opengl技术实现了旋转、缩放、平移、拾取等图形的基本几何操作;最后将本课题组研究成果加以集成,开发了一个基于细分曲面的原型系统。

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