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  1. " our findings are consistent with earlier studies that have shown a high degree of association between depression and disability , " commented lead author saba moussavi of the who and colleagues
    经过计算,衡量基本生活质量的“全球平均健康指数”表明,沮丧是让人最难忍受的。研究人员称, “此前的研究表明,沮丧与健康不佳之间有着很高的关联性,我们的研究也与此一致。 ”
  2. Upon the aflp data , the phillippine plantain " saba " was clustered into " abb " group . two homonyms were identificated ( xiaomijiao , 63 - 1 respectively ) . diaoluoaijiao and beida ' aijiao no . 2 are probably the same cultivar ( synonym )
    本研究结果把saba归入abb群体;鉴别了两组同名异物的品种(系) (小米蕉, 63 - 1 ) ;认为吊罗矮蕉,北大矮蕉2号两者很可能是同一品种。
  3. This is the second part of an article contributed by mr sam saba , secretary of the nigerian code of conduct bureau . the first part , uploaded on the july issue of the newsletter , dealt with the establishment of the bureau whereas this part deals with the operation of the bureau
    尼日利亚行为守则局秘书sam saba先生,早前于本通讯七月号撰文概述该局成立的经过,本文是其续篇,旨在介绍该局的运作情况。
  4. And as they wended their way by nelson s pillar , henry street , mary street , capel street , little britain street , chanting the introit in epiphania domini which beginneth surge , illuminare and thereafter most sweetly the gradual omnes which saith de saba venient they did divers wonders such as casting out devils , raising the dead to life , multiplying fishes , healing the halt and the blind , discovering various articles which had been mislaid , interpreting and fulfilling the scriptures , blessing and prophesying
    发光” 601为首句的“将祭经”上主显现, 602接着又无比甜美地唱着圣歌“示巴的众人” 603 。他们行着各种神迹:诸如驱逐污灵,使死者复活,使鱼变多,治好跛子和盲人。 604还找到了种种遗失物品,阐释并应验圣经中的话,祝福并做预言。

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