research into meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "research into" in a sentence
  • 探究
  • 研究
  • research:    n. 1.仔细搜索 (for, af ...
  • into:     be into sb. ...
  • and research:    经验与研究,100; 未来与研究,1 ...
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  1. He has lots of original ideas about the research into microelectronics .
  2. He stimulated a new crop of researches into the subject by many scholars .
  3. After earning my doctorate in botany in 1952, i decided to continue my research into birdsong dialects .
  4. Not even in the most optimistic moments had he ever imagined so much would be accomplished by his research into ageing .
  5. A factor in determining the heartbeat of current research into combustion instability phenomena is the status of engine development program .

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