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  1. His major research interest is literature and culture of Arabic regions.
  2. His research interests focus on the interplay between proteins and lipids.
  3. His research interests centre around the discursive construction of social order.
  4. Her other research interests have included research policy and research regulation.
  5. His main research interests were Finnish art and Italian Renaissance art.
  6. It's difficult to find research interest in a sentence.
  7. Urban's research interests include mass spectrometry and biochemical analysis.
  8. His research interests include the study of environmental stress in algae.
  9. In mathematics, Peng s research interests are in group theory.
  10. So there is suddenly a surge of research interest in software quality.
  11. Yablonovitch has co-founded multiple companies related to his research interests.
  12. Bok's primary research interest was the structure of our galaxy.
  13. He teaches contemporary music and has research interests in Shostakovich.
  14. His research interests included chemical reactions in gases, photochemistry and spectroscopy.
  15. A major research interest was French colonization and Jesuit missions in America.
  16. Galileo Ferraris did not confine his research interests to electricity.
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