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  • 里夫群岛
  • reef:    n. 【航海】(便于减少受风面积的) ...
  • reef:     reef1 n. 1.【 ...
  • reef(to):    缩收(帆)
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  1. The reef is like a thousand jewels , sparkling right in front of you
  2. Do you think visiting to the great barrier reef is exciting
  3. In other words , much of the great barrier reef is an actual living creature
  4. And hainan ' s mangrove , rich coral reef are also well - known attractions
  5. At 348 , 000km2 , thegreat barrier reef is roughly the same size as japan
    幅员34 . 8万平方公里的“大堡礁”大致相当于日本的大小。

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