reef balls in a sentence

  1. Like the families watching the Defiant lower each reef ball to the ocean floor on Tuesday, most of these choices for disposing of cremains, or human ash, were motivated by a desire to have a sense of location and permanence, even if it was seven miles out to sea and under 50 feet of water.
  2. Other programmes include the Heart 2 Heart orangutan campaign which invites the public to get involved with orangutan conservation; orang-utan and turtle adoption; protection of the dugong and the Irrawaddy dolphin, which are both endangered species; and the Reef Ball project that will rehabilitate Sarawak's ocean ecosystem by placing artificial reef modules in the sea to form new habitats.
  3. "Down here, it's very common to scatter someone's ashes on the beach, " said Ruth Townsend, a seventh-generation resident of Cape May County and a close friend of Kit Aronson, who had come to bury the ashes of her husband, Robert, in a reef ball, along with those of her sister, Marion Mulligan.
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