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  1. "We'll use the same ration cards, the same agents,"
  2. These groups produced forged ration cards and counterfeit money, collected intelligence, published Prince Bernhard.
  3. Eligibility for ration cards is cross-checked with other related, Aadhaar-linked databases.
  4. Perelli said a registration campaign had begun Monday at sites where Iraqis collect ration cards for food.
  5. Food was rationed but non-agricultural rural workers throughout the USSR were given no ration cards.
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  7. The FIR states that ration cards and housing plots were promised for those who converted to Hinduism.
  8. Lyudyno's mother lost her ration card when she left the city limits to help build defenses.
  9. Incidents of blackmarketeering of food aide, and corruption in the distribution of ration cards have cropped up.
  10. The host family was provided with an additional ration card and an allowance of 2 Reichsmarks per day.
  11. Lillian Mize has kept several partly used books of grocery coupons and a gasoline-ration card as reminders.
  12. The U . N . agency began registering the refugees on Sunday and started distributing ration cards on Tuesday.
  13. Some 520 of those who have been arrested have been released, apparently on the basis of ration cards.
  14. Thousands of Burundians packed a soccer stadium to register for gasoline ration cards, issued to conserve imported fuel.
  15. The government has identified millions of Indians as eligible for a ration card guaranteeing basic food at cheaper prices.
  16. Lyudyno's mother lost her ration card when she left the city limits to help build the defenses.
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