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  1. Yeah, yeah, I thought, she's playing the ration card.
  2. Ration cards were becoming a fact of life.
  3. Far more common was murder for ration cards.
  4. Her husband also helped her by providing ration cards which he had obtained illegally.
  5. Even with ration cards, adequate coal for heating was almost impossible to find.
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  7. His infraction : using the food ration card of a higher-ranking military man.
  8. The husband suggests getting ration cards printed by a tarot-reading fortune-teller.
  9. The illegal Bangladeshi immigrants generally secure ration cards due to the corruption in Indian administration.
  10. Although they both have separate ration cards, they share the same plate at meals.
  11. Officials of the Parish of Saint Helier provided ration cards and identity cards for fugitives.
  12. "They'd make us have ration cards and tell us what to think.
  13. Some cities are issuing ration cards.
  14. For more localized flashpoints of hunger, it releases smaller amounts in exchange for ration cards.
  15. Lines and ration cards for became the system for vital goods, " he said.
  16. A massive billboard image of a ration card hangs from the trade ministry building in Baghdad.
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