rat in a sentence

"rat" meaning  "rat" in Chinese  
  1. Not even the real desert rats are going hiking in this,
  2. Dulcin was banned in 1950 for causing liver cancer in rats.
  3. There was also a guy dressed up as a green rat.
  4. A lot of men marry river rats and get stuck here.
  5. Their first experiments were in dogs and rats with liver deficiencies.
  6. It's difficult to find rat in a sentence.
  7. Who was the rat that called you to come over here?
  8. There are no trees, no shrubs _ and no rats.
  9. The clay of Inishmurray is believed to be fatal to rats.
  10. Every fan was given an index card explaining the rat policy.
  11. William, like his son, was also a pack rat.
  12. We really can't leave the ship to the rats.
  13. Petersen buys thousands of live crickets and dead rats each month.
  14. And how many rats would it take to do the job?
  15. Hansford and his taller rat-brother, Henry, giggled.
  16. I was put into trunks of cars with rats and roaches.
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