rat in a sentence

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  1. The end of Camelot was the end of the Rat Pack.
  2. A third said, simply, " Rat ."
  3. Need further proof of the plague of rats in the news?
  4. Rats and mice have been domesticated for more than 100 years.
  5. In this dirty old town, they call him King Rat.
  6. It's difficult to find rat in a sentence.
  7. Sonda is a pack rat, a collector, a saver.
  8. He believes the same mechanism operates in humans as in rats.
  9. Baylor fell through a trap door and were trapped like rats.
  10. Betty Silver said she once had 51 rats and 100 mice.
  11. One thing was clear : these rats are treated like gourmets.
  12. The rats were due to stampede through in a Willardesque nightmare.
  13. Did you catch the one on the end _ the rat?
  14. Maybe people are embracing the rat pack and the antique Nordiques.
  15. It'll be a battle in the rats'nest.
  16. Next home game, someone tossed a rat onto the ice.
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