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  1. All lever frame signal boxes have to have these openings and therefore all have visiting members of the rat and mouse population, who live in local drains and water courses.
  2. In recent studies, if Nogo-A is blocked and neutralized, it is possible to induce long-distance axonal regeneration which leads to enhancement of functional recovery in rats and mouse spinal cord.
  3. The products of similar genes in rat and mouse are neuron-specific cytoskeletal proteins that are enriched in dendrites, implicating a role in determining and stabilizing dendritic shape during neuron development.
  4. After all, New York now has its own chapter of the Northeast Rat and Mouse Club International, a Pennsylvania-based group of rat owners that claims 300 members from Vermont to Virginia.
  5. Many neurons in the rat and mouse hippocampus respond as place cells : that is, they fire bursts of action potentials when the animal passes through a specific part of its environment.
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  7. Menopause also has been reported in a variety of other vertebrate species including elephants, short-finned pilot whales, killer whales, and other cetaceans, the guppy, the platyfish, the budgerigar, the laboratory rat and mouse, and the opossum.
  8. But the problem is most acute in cities, where studies have found it to be aggravated by poverty _ exposure to factors like cockroach feces, dust mites, mold, dampness, rat and mouse urine and crowded living conditions.
  9. Other 4-hydroxycoumarins used as rodenticides include coumatetralyl and brodifacoum, which is sometimes referred to as " super-warfarin ", because it is more potent, longer-acting, and effective even in rat and mouse populations that are resistant to warfarin.
  10. Brad Dusatko, owner of Protector Pest Control, doesn't call this rat and mouse season, but said that the presence of newborn rats means that for every one seen, there could be several waiting back at the nest.
  11. Before you start to judge . . . I had read that the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association ( AFRMA ) was having its annual show, so I put in a call last week to club president Karen Robbins.
  12. The meetings draw between 10 and 20 rat and mouse owners and about 100 rats and mice, but the mice at a meeting last Sunday were wriggling around so fast that some of them may have been counted more than once.
  13. Using the same method, Tsuji showed that NUMTs are not usually clustered together and the NUMTs produced by D-loop are usually under-represented which evident more vividly in monkey and human compare to rats and mouse due to the total length of their NUMTs.
  14. There is species differentiation in the metabolism of 2C-B . Mice hepatocytes produce 4-bromo-2, 5-dimethoxy-phenol ( BDMP ) a previously unknown metabolite . 2-( 4-bromo-2-hydroxy-5-methoxyphenyl )-ethanol ( B-2-HMPE ) was produced by hepatocytes from human, monkey and rabbit but not by dog, rat and mouse.
  15. However, as is now known, considerable change occurs in all compartments of the plasma membrane of uterine epithelial cells and these changes occupy most of early pregnancy in the rat and mouse with long, regular microvilli being converted into short, irregular structures as early as d 3, 2 to 3 days before the blastocyst even enters the uterus.
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