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  1. Like most drug companies, BioChem Pharma uses rats and mice in research, said Atwater.
  2. They also take almost any suitably sized prey, particularly small birds, rats and mice.
  3. Cats have a significantly lower tolerance against benzoic acid and its salts than rats and mice.
  4. Rats and mice use Fiji parrotfinch nests, and may be significant predators of the species,
  5. Normally, old rats and mice turn grizzled, gray and humpbacked, much like old people.
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  7. Like virtually all drug companies, BioChem Pharma uses rats and mice in research, Atwater said.
  8. They can be placed in shadowy spots along routes where you think rats and mice are moving.
  9. The DNA repair transcriptomes of the liver of humans, naked mole rats and mice were compared.
  10. While Calhoun was working at NIMH in 1954, he began numerous experiments with rats and mice.
  11. In rats and mice, alteration of nutrition status has been shown to affect hepatic PC activity.
  12. She went to get the pinks and found an army of rats and mice to defend it.
  13. U-II when injected icv in both rats and mice also stimulates locomotion in familiar environments.
  14. The region correlating to spermadhesin genes in rat and mice DNA is void of any spermadhesin code.
  15. For two years, rats and mice were exposed to varying doses of glycidamide in drinking water.
  16. N . Y . Taconic Biotech provides support for Taconic Farms, which breeds laboratory rats and mice.
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