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    2.Sir Walter Raleigh 罗利爵士〔1552?~1618,英国政治家,历史家〕。n.
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  1. My daddy got $ 2 for it , made a wig for some rich feller in raleigh ,
  2. Sir walter raleigh
  3. Shall i wait here for flight dl1131 to durham / raleigh ( rdu ) ? thank you
  4. The host asks a pakistani movie star raleigh : " do you often go to see a doctor ?
    主持人问巴基斯坦的影星雷厉: “您常去看医生吗? ”
  5. " yeah , because the drugstore keepers can live on this way , too . " raleigh said leisurely
    “是的,因为开药店的也得活下去。 ”雷厉从容地说。

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