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    2.Sir Walter Raleigh 罗利爵士〔1552?~1618,英国政治家,历史家〕。n.
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  1. Tourist1 : er . . . wasn ' t sir walter raleigh imprisoned here
    游客一:嗯… …华特?雨莱爵士是不是被监禁在此?
  2. I need to be in raleigh by 7 : 00
  3. Raleigh durham , united states
    罗列特勒姆rdu ,美国
  4. My daddy got 2 for it , made a wig for some rich feller in raleigh ,
  5. Bruce r . olson is a member of the websphere enablement team in raleigh
    是位于罗利的websphere enablement小组的成员之一。

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