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  1. This technique, known as radio direction finding ( RDF ), is useful but only moderately accurate.
  2. This is commonly used for radio direction finding, providing very precise bearings from a sensitive fixed site.
  3. The Germans considered that the technical problems of seaborne radio direction finding could not be adequately solved.
  4. Robert Watson-Watt became an expert on the use of radio direction finding as part of his lightning experiments.
  5. "Radio Direction Finding " works by comparing the signal strength of a directional antenna pointing in different directions.
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  7. Some radio direction finding equipment popular with mobile transmitter hunters operates on the time difference of arrival principal.
  8. A practical example of obtaining a position fix would be for a ship to take radio direction finding.
  9. Furthermore, others, such as radio direction finding and information from prisoners, are insufficiently precise to'fix'a target for artillery attack.
  10. An order for " Radio silence " is generally issued by the military where any radio radio direction finding.
  11. On 25 September, Lympne was one of a number of airfields which began operating a radio direction finding service.
  12. HRS will be the sponsoring organization for the 2010 Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships to be held in Dubrovnik.
  13. UARL promotes amateur radio in Ukraine by sponsoring amateur radio operating awards, radio contests, and amateur radio direction finding competitions.
  14. The IARU also promulgates the rules used by most competitions in amateur radio direction finding, including IARU-sponsored regional and world championships.
  15. In addition to High Speed Telegraphy and Amateur Radio Direction Finding, BFRR now supports a wide variety of amateur radio activities.
  16. Aware of the danger presented by radio direction finding ( RDF ), the Kriegsmarine developed various systems to speed up broadcast.
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