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  1. This class is the first Chinese submarine to be fitted with an integrated electronic support measures / radio direction finder / radar warning receiver system designated as "'SRW209 "'
  2. Modern radiosondes can use a variety of mechanisms for determining wind speed and direction, such as a radio direction finder or GPS . The weight of a radiosonde is typically.
  3. The forward section, which was produced separate to the others before being rivetted to the centre fuselage, contains various radio navigation and communication equipment such as radio direction finder, climate controls.
  4. This is crucial to the plot, for Allen uses a radio direction finder to triangulate on the Sky Pirate when they know him to be at his " home port ."
  5. According to the journal of Midshipman radio direction finder ( RDF ), but the inexperienced rating on watch at his post did not report this to his superiors because of apparent confusion.
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