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  1. The race winner could pocket more than $ 500, 000.
  2. Races were held during May, July and September of 1910.
  3. Dick Mandella is racing's No . 1 streak shooter.
  4. "It's still a one-game race.
  5. Campbell said about the way Victory Dream raced the Beacon Course.
  6. It's difficult to find racing in a sentence.
  7. The loan was made in the race's early stages.
  8. But he just can't get racing off his mind.
  9. He's heading into Sunday's race feeling confident.
  10. He surfaced in California last spring and ran four losing races.
  11. Mostly, he is the star of television commercials about racing.
  12. Friday's threatened players'strike overshadows the division race.
  13. What were race relations like here before, Strain was asked?
  14. The racing industry still behaves as though the world were flat.
  15. Woods ducked, saying every race comes down to individual factors.
  16. Many Iranians said they race home to catch the latest episodes.
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