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  1. Lockhart, writing after Scott's death, admired the scenery of " Rokeby ", and found many thrilling episodes and lines scattered through the poem; he attributed its disappointing sales to the inevitable comparisons drawn by the public with " Childe Harold "  s greater raciness and romantic glamour.
  2. Toole concludes his essay by stating that " [ m ] ore than 30 years after its debut, [ " The Mystery of Mamo " ], with its heady mix of globe-trotting action, raciness, wild comedy, and hot jazz-funk music, is the original " Lupin ", the real deal.
  3. The photos demonstrate that at the height of Production Code censorship, pin-up photography offered a pre-Playboy admixture of demureness and raciness that graced the pages of magazines like Laff, " The Humorous Picture Magazine, " whose January 1947 cover featuring " Norma Jean Daugherty " headlined articles on " Stalin the Stinker " and " Beauty over Brooklyn ."
  4. Hugh MacDiarmid wrote of the " Tay Whale " that " what this [ the verses about John Wood and the Tay Whale ] amounts to, of course, is simply what quite uneducated and stupid people the two adjectives by no means necessarily go together, for many uneducated people have great vitality and a raciness of utterance altogether lacking here would produce if asked to recount something they had read in a newspaper . " MacDiarmid continued that " in their retailings of, or comments upon, such matters, the " hoi polloi " would also reflect their personal feelings, as is done here, by the tritest of emotional exclamations ."
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