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  1. But the raciness of it put the stock off limits to some institutional investors, contributing to the midyear plunge in Playboy Enterprises'share price in 2001.
  2. Of course, everyone might want to take Dean's definition of raciness with maybe a few pounds of salt, since he also had this to say about the cartoon:
  3. The clever raciness of her songs was submerged in chants, self-promotion and spectacle _ another way for a smart woman to get by in the hip-hop era.
  4. People talk about the raciness of today's starlet's barely there costumes but Marie Antoinette and her contemporaries managed somehow to exude lust from their many layers of clothing.
  5. In the New World, the British sports car of the immediate pre-Beatles era conveyed a strange alloy of silk-shirt raciness and pipe-smoking tweediness, which suited him.
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  7. Its immediate popularity was no doubt largely due to its personal character, but its vigour and raciness make it worth reading even now when the objects of Churchill's wit are forgotten.
  8. It is here that the Victorian poet A . C . Swinburne, overwhelmed by the stifling air or perhaps by the raciness of his own poetry, fainted dead away one day in 1868.
  9. It was a new kind of packaging for Davis, 43, who, though she might protest, seems to be feeling a need to temper her trademark raciness with clothes that are streamlined and authoritative.
  10. She had intended for a time to publish the diaries herself, but, according to Lucy Masterman, the proofs " were considerably'edited'and much of the raciness and individuality taken from them.
  11. Not to be outdone, Victoria's Secret, which has long sold what are euphemistically termed novelty panties, with satin bows and rhinestones where the derriere should be, is seeking to boost its raciness quotient.
  12. Muralist Arturo Garcia Bustos, one of a dwindling group of former students and close friends of Kahlo, also liked the film, although he felt it exaggerated the raciness of Kahlo's bohemian life for commercial effect.
  13. A provocative raciness and a facility with quip and proverb made him the ideal inciter of controversy and the records of these associations are a mine of his sayings, which Old Guy's Men will at once recognise as'Pembreyisms '.
  14. Everywhere in the Village, free speech defined bohemian sophistication _ bounding from one subject to another, ostentatiously eclectic, touching on politics and art one moment and churning up neighborhood gossip the next, always edged with a sexual raciness that was taboo in polite society.
  15. And there's Gabrielle ( Eva Longoria ), who married a rich businessman but feels ignored and is getting even by spending too much time with the 17-year-old gardener . ( The show's raciness has led several advertisers to pull out, but they were quickly replaced .)
  16. Apart from the raunchy blues wailer " Rocks in My Bed, " performed by Ramsey and Derricks-Carroll with exhilarating comic abandon, the show's creators give a very wide berth to anything that might smack of sexual raciness or ethnic caricature _ an understandable instinct that nonetheless cramps their material.
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