racily meaning

Pronunciation:   "racily" in a sentence
  • Adverb: racily
    1. In a racy manner
      "racily vernacular language"

    See also: racy


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  1. A diminutive woman, Lefkowitz wears her steel gray hair in a Maid of Orleans crop and accessorizes her pale gray sweater and skirt with chunky silver jewelry and racily striped Wolford tights.
  2. Standing on the asphalt runway, she beckons toward a short, fold-down metal stairway and through the doorway in the abundantly riveted silver fuselage that is racily striped in red and blue.
  3. She thinks nothing of mixing a demure lilac cardigan with racily streamlined Prada pants, and she dreams of the days when she'll be trim enough again to snake into Gucci's new lace-up-the sides leather pants.
  4. Sent to live with Uncle Ernst while his parents'marriage is unraveling, Emil comes under the spell of the robust doctor, who gives him racily illustrated volumes of Balzac, introduces him to wine and lends him his hunting rifle to shoot sparrows.
  5. There is, however, an interlude lyrique et romantique when the Alfa stops for a bedroom tryst, where perfume and perspiration mix with the smoke from Gauloises, after which the race resumes, even more racily . | | | Roger Dettmer }}

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