rabbis in a sentence

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  1. The rabbi told me to remember the good memories of them,
  2. "That's pretty much what Rabbi Small does.
  3. Rabbi Rudin helped register blacks in Mississippi to vote in 1964.
  4. Alvin Sugarman ( our rabbi ) calls nearly daily as well.
  5. But how could a Conservative rabbi have come to such views?
  6. It's difficult to find rabbis in a sentence.
  7. The rabbi has been impressed by the earnestness of these confidences.
  8. In " That Day the Rabbi Left Town,"
  9. Netanyahu told a group of visiting U . S . rabbis.
  10. Leaving Egypt, the rabbi said, is about spiritual freedom.
  11. Rabbi Adam Heller, ( " Shine's"
  12. The rabbi told him that there was no poet or artist.
  13. Before his execution, he declined the presence of a rabbi.
  14. Some scribe there told the rabbi it wasn't kosher.
  15. At present, only Orthodox rabbis can register marriages in Israel.
  16. Others, like Rabbi Stein, are sharply critical of it.
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