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  1. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Jews of Baghdad must have been affected by the Ishmael of'Akbara ( c . 840 ) came from a place only seven miles from the city; and Sahl ben Matzliah ( eleventh century ) preached publicly in the streets against the Rabbinites.
  2. In this edition Chwolson, before entering into a discussion of the blood question, expounds the history of the Talmud, and shows that the " Pharisees " condemned by Jesus in the Gospels were not the Rabbinites in general and that it was not the Pharisees but the Sadducees who were the enemies and persecutors of Jesus.
  3. Thus in the section dealing with the calendar, in which the year 1007 is mentioned, Levi states that in Iraq the Karaites in their determination of Rosh ha-Shannah, resembled the Rabbinites in so far as, like them, they took for their basis the autumnal equinox, while in some places the Karaites adopted the Rabbinite calendar completely.
  4. In this treatise Jeshua discusses the hermeneutic rules which are to be used in the interpretation of these laws, gives a critical view of the principles upon which the various prohibitions are based, quotes Karaite authorities, such as Anan ben David and al-Qirqisani, on the subject, and produces the views of the Rabbinites Saadia and Simon Kahira ( author of the " Halakot Gedolot " ).
  5. In addition, Mordecai wrote : " Sefer Ma'amar Mordechai, " a commentary on the " Mibhar " of Genesis ix . 21; " Kelalim Yafim, " an elementary Hebrew grammar; " Yad Adonai, " the subject of which is not known; " Lebush Malkhut, " on the differences between the Rabbinites and the Karaites; liturgical poems, some of which have been inserted in the Karaite ritual.
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  7. These four questions were : ( 1 ) Is the Karaite sect identical with that which existed at the time of the Second Temple under the name " Sadducees, " or did it originate with Anan ben David, as the Rabbinites assert ? ( 2 ) Was Aquila, the proselyte, to whom Menahem Qala'i had addressed letters, identical with the Greek translator or with the author of the Targum ? ( 3 ) Is the " Moreh Aharon " identical with the " Sefer ha-Mitzvot " of Aaron ben Elijah of Nicomedia; if not, who was its author ? ( 4 ) Has the Karaite Bible any variants from the Rabbinite Bible, and what is the prevailing belief among the Karaites with regard to the time of the introduction of vowels and accents?
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