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  1. While an MP, he sat on the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee.
  2. He was reappointed to the Public Accounts Committee in December 2014.
  3. He was a Commissioner of Public Accounts between 1694 and 1697.
  4. The comptroller general is the government agency in charge of auditing public accounts.
  5. He was then appointed to the D醝l Public Accounts Committee.
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  7. In 2007 the Public Accounts Committee reported on the restructuring.
  8. In 1957 he was appointed to the Public Accounts Committee.
  9. Numerous critical reports by Parliament's Public Accounts Committee were issued.
  10. He was a member of the D醝l Public Accounts Committee.
  11. Mendelson was the Member of Parliament for Public Accounts Committee.
  12. She is currently a member of the Public Accounts Committee.
  13. And he diverted money from one public account to another.
  14. I thought it was being run through a public account.
  15. Davis also faces further questions from the Public Accounts Committee.
  16. He also served on the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee.
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