public accommodations in a sentence

  1. And early on, he advocated the removal of the Confederate flag from all public accommodations.
  2. In 1964, he testified as a public citizen against a public accommodations ordinance for Phoenix.
  3. This puts Martin's claim into the more elastic public accommodations provisions of the ADA.
  4. The law protects the disabled against discrimination in many areas, including jobs and public accommodations.
  5. The court called the Boy Scouts a public accommodation to which anti-discrimination laws apply.
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  7. The state court said the Scouts violated a New Jersey law banning discrimination in public accommodations.
  8. This denial of public accommodation had been confirmed by a court decision in the early 1940s.
  9. Much of the 1964 session was devoted to a bill to desegregate public accommodations in Kentucky.
  10. Southwest Airlines'online site was earlier held not to constitute a place of public accommodation.
  11. Despite greater public accommodation of gays and lesbians, marriage stands as an apparently inaccessible governmental benefit.
  12. A New Jersey law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in places of public accommodation.
  13. The law also states that people who fall under these categories should be accorded certain public accommodations.
  14. The ADA bans discrimination against the disabled in public accommodations, including golf courses and entertainment sites.
  15. Resistance to the public accommodation clause continued for years on the ground, especially in the South.
  16. Until the " de facto " racial segregation in public accommodations and Civil Rights Movement.
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