public accommodations in a sentence

  1. The dissenting opinion criticizes the majority for unreasonably stretching the meaning of public accommodation.
  2. The division litigates discrimination cases in employment, housing, education and public accommodations.
  3. The complaint claims that the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in public accommodations.
  4. The ADA prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities in public accommodations or commercial facilities.
  5. In 1964 the public accommodations bill passed as the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
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  7. Brown would not desegregate his hotel and theater until public accommodation laws forced change.
  8. Would have outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing, employment and public accommodations.
  9. He ruled that courses during tournaments are " places of public accommodation ."
  10. New Jersey state law prohibits discrimination against individuals in public accommodations based on sexual orientation.
  11. Farr argued that PGA Tour events should not be considered public accommodations for the players.
  12. The complaint cites the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in public accommodations.
  13. Blacks also experienced widespread discrimination in public accommodations during the 1940s and 1950s in Missouri.
  14. It also nullified existing protections for homosexuals against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.
  15. Private medical offices are not specifically listed among the examples of public accommodations in the statute.
  16. He brought suit under a New Jersey law that prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation.
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