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  1. The organisation's annual " Freedom of the Press " and " Freedom of the Net ", which monitor censorship, intimidation and violence against journalists, and public access to information, are among its other signature reports.
  2. The lower court found for Sony on the grounds that non-commercial home use was fair use, that the machine was a " staple article of commerce " and that it served first amendment public interest by allowing the public access to information.
  3. The campaign isn't immediately apparent : Even as the industry is quietly pushing the idea of denying public access to information about pending actions against brokers, it is trumpeting proposed improvements in the Central Registration Depository ( CRD ) databank that tracks brokers.
  4. The objective was to catalog the myriad ways that Bush and his appointees have undermined existing laws intended to advance public access to information, while taking an expansive view of laws that authorize the government to operate in secrecy, or to withhold certain information.
  5. :Consistent with Judicial Conference policy, courts may, upon a showing of cause, exempt indigents, bankruptcy case trustees, individual researchers associated with educational institutions, courts, section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) burdens and to promote public access to information.
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