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  1. They don't do it because they support this illegal stuff, but for the sake of larger issues of public access to information.
  2. All official documents handled by government agencies are public unless they contain information specified as secret under the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.
  3. Public Access to Information : The constitution requires the government and its agencies to make all unclassified information about their activities available to the public.
  4. These projects expand the UC Libraries ability to give faculty, students and the public access to information and support our exploration of new service models.
  5. "Public access to information is crucial, " said Kate Martin of the Center for National Security Studies, a civil rights group in Washington.
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  7. Industry experts also say the TSA is widening the use of national-security concerns to circumvent public access to information and to deny jobs to some people.
  8. It cites information from Chinese hydrological experts to demonstrate that a lack of public access to information about large projects has lead to massive deaths in the past.
  9. Communist Vietnam's recent moves to tighten control over public access to information are part of an ongoing media crackdown, said a media monitoring group Wednesday.
  10. Under Section 508 ( ), agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others.
  11. The 1989 RoC Press Law supports press freedom by guaranteeing the circulation of newspapers, journalists'right not to reveal sources, and public access to information.
  12. Hong Kong should have laws to protect freedom of public access to information because the government has become less open under Chinese rule, a journalist group said Sunday.
  13. Anyone who deals in information science, public access to information, open knowledge, or specialized disciplines must grasp Wikipedia's role as a powerful cultural resource.
  14. "What we have is a process that's created, in our words, a borderless, unpoliced public access to information, anytime, anywhere,"
  15. Any reading other than the broadest reading of " news " in the CBS case would pose a threat to political discourse, journalism and public access to information.
  16. The database serves as the catalog and index for the collections of the United States National Agricultural Library, but it also provides public access to information on agriculture and allied fields.
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