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  1. He an get rid of annoying public access channels and scratch the back of Rupert Murdoch, " the politically conservative and powerful owner of the Post and the local Fox Network affiliate.
  2. No scrambling requirement was included for the public access channels, which had not posed the same problems; as to those channels, operators could simply choose to permit indecent programming or to ban it.
  3. By requiring public access channels and forbidding cable systems from controlling their content, the court said, the 1984 law generally amounted to a federal requirement for cable broadcast of any type of program.
  4. The government says the law focuses only on public access channels because most other sexually explicit programming is shown on premium cable networks or pay-per-view channels, which viewers must select and pay for separately.
  5. Its 18-channel basic service, which consists of broadcast channels like WCVB-TV ( Ch . 5 ) and public access channels, will cost $ 9 . 10 as of today, a reduction of 19 cents.
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