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  1. Both Educational Access Channel 13 and Public Access Channel 14 provide taped and live programs daily from studios located in Altoona Area High School.
  2. Originally debuting on public access channel 23 in February 2005, the show moved to KHS-TV Channel 20 upon the creation of the new outlet.
  3. The original logo for URTV Asheville Public Access channel . The city's Public-access television cable TV station URTV broadcast programs from 2006 to 2011.
  4. A slim majority considered this a direct government intrusion into individual speech _ as individuals may create their own programming on public access channels.
  5. By contrast, the vote was 5 to 4 to strike down the parallel provision permitting operators to keep indecent programming off their public access channels.
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  7. By a narrow majority, the court struck down a portion of the law granting cable operators the right to ban material from the public access channels.
  8. Ferro had been the host of " Death Metal Underground Thrashold, " a late-night program he put together for the public access channel of Manhattan Community Cable.
  9. That study and report recommended a dedicated public access channel, specific channels geared toward serving Springettsbury Township, however, has recently mandated governmental access within its franchise agreement.
  10. City council meetings are held on Mondays and can be viewed on the Public-access television cable TV channel or live online at Public Access Channel live stream.
  11. Maybe if he promises Jane extra broadcasts of " Barbarella, Stanley and Iris " and " Agnes of God " on public access channels, she'll be mollified.
  12. When Rogers was not waving his flag, he was producing a monthly television show on Honolulu's public access channel that educated veterans on how to collect benefits.
  13. The station would close in August 2011 after plans to sell the station to a local public access channel, T閘関ision locale Dolbeau-Mistassini ( TVLDM ), fell through.
  14. After the announcement Wednesday night, the administration said it would no longer seek Time Warner's permission to use public access channels and would go forward on its own.
  15. The most campaigning you're likely to get from a coroner candidate is an appearance on the public access channel . talk ) 03 : 21, 9 May 2012 ( UTC)
  16. Unbeknownst to most cable subscribers, it's possible to purchase all the broadcast and public access channels plus HBO without buying the vast array of cable channels in the so-called standard package.
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