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  1. Lobbying groups that favor live coverage agreed, noting that some cable systems can put legislative coverage on public access channels.
  2. The live feed relayed to Manhattan Cable's public access channel in New York and to Bay Area s public access station.
  3. Civil libertarians were up in arms because his government had blocked a deal to set up public access channels on cable TV.
  4. There were also concerns regarding how public, educational and government channels were handled and how many public access channels should be available.
  5. Bruno, Silver and Pataki now need to persuade cable companies to open their public access channels to both houses of the Legislature.
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  7. The public access channels, designed to give community groups and government agencies access to the local cable monopoly, presented a thornier issue.
  8. Indeed, Austin has nine public access channels, and the cable company's charter with the city allows for the possibility of five more.
  9. The commission also authorizes cable operators to refuse to transmit shows on public access channels that contain " obscenity, indecency, or nudity ."
  10. The issue has been especially acute in New York, whose public access channels include explicit advertisements for escort and other sexually oriented services.
  11. The Cubby Creatures, along with Arianne Vasquez, also produced " Cubbyvision " for San Francisco public access channel 29 from 2000 to 2002.
  12. However, " it's legally questionable whether the city can claim a public access channel and allow a commercial provider to take the space,"
  13. In 2000, Diana Tumminia stated that in several cities in Southern California, the local public access channels carried weekly showings of Unarian films.
  14. The school has also continued to maintain their own public access channel since the inauguration of cable service in the Sheboygan area in 1982.
  15. This is a format similar to that of EPB6, the public access channel on SCRTC's Glasgow-area cable service rival, the Glasgow Electric Plant Board.
  16. The analog package may also include a few local channels, usually an open access channel such as public access channels known as 謕pna Kanalen.
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