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  1. Like art, the success of science is dependent on public reaction and public acceptance.
  2. Kevorkian wanted a public forum for public acceptance of euthanasia.
  3. Whatever the realities about elected leaders, they are irrelevant in determining public acceptance or rejection.
  4. "There should be broad public acceptance of the reality.
  5. But both agree that only one method is likely to prevail, based on public acceptance.
  6. It's difficult to find public acceptance in a sentence.
  7. Hussein's comments signaled his final and public acceptance of Palestinian rule in the West Bank.
  8. Those communities that already have implemented overlay plans argue they have received widespread public acceptance.
  9. The public acceptance of gays and lesbians is higher now than it was in 1990,
  10. One reason, they say, is it takes time for academic theories to gain public acceptance.
  11. They don't want to start pumping out USB devices until they see more public acceptance.
  12. Herbicides, on the wane along with public acceptance of their use, cost $ 350 per acre.
  13. Part of the problem is with doctors and partly with public acceptance of this new strategy,
  14. A recent opinion poll for The Guardian newspaper suggested public acceptance of the match is growing.
  15. Chihuly's work ultimately is dependent upon public acceptance.
  16. Bioethicists contacted by New Scientist agree that the biggest obstacle is likely to be public acceptance.
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