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  1. More serious is rampant corruption, which threatens the public acceptance of its rule.
  2. Public acceptance of these ills without objection is compromising our morals even further.
  3. Polls show growing public acceptance of used cars as alternatives to new cars.
  4. "We will test the markets _ see if there's good public acceptance ."
  5. Another challenge for governmental institutions seeking sponsorship deals is public acceptance.
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  7. And delays, he said, would damage public acceptance of security measures.
  8. Public acceptance would require education and marketing, the biologist admits.
  9. That is when the public acceptance will be something that is taken for granted.
  10. Delta's enviable record played a role in winning public acceptance.
  11. US NEP programs have proliferated, despite lack of public acceptance.
  12. There was also a growing public acceptance of the connection between spirituality and wellness.
  13. But winning public acceptance for new transmission lines has been a struggle, Brown said.
  14. Ph鎛o has enjoyed high attendance and broad public acceptance since the Phaeno's grand opening.
  15. That argues for public acceptance of a compromise, she said.
  16. Parker Bowles just might have won public acceptance even though she is a divorcee.
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