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  • [Architecture]

    In plastics, a thermoforming process in which pressure is used to push the sheet to be formed against the mold surface in contrast to the use of a vacuum to pull the sheet flat against the mold.

  • [Engineering]
    "A plastics thermoforming process using pressure to push the plastic sheet to be formed against the mold surface, as opposed to using vacuum to suck the sheet flat against the mold."


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  1. An area of high pressure forming over the central United States should keep Roxanne moving west, he said.
  2. Low pressure forming over the central Plains will bring mixed precipitation to portions of the Middle West on Tuesday.
  3. Low pressure forming over Long Island, N . Y ., will strengthen as it moves toward the Canadian Maritimes.
  4. Low pressure forming over eastern Arizona will cause patches of snow in the Four Corners region and a few showers in the eastern deserts.
  5. An area of low pressure forming along the front will produce many showers and thunderstorms in the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys on Friday afternoon.

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