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  • [Architecture]

    In plastics, a thermoforming process in which pressure is used to push the sheet to be formed against the mold surface in contrast to the use of a vacuum to pull the sheet flat against the mold.

  • [Engineering]
    "A plastics thermoforming process using pressure to push the plastic sheet to be formed against the mold surface, as opposed to using vacuum to suck the sheet flat against the mold."


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  1. numerical study on viscous pressure forming of sheet metal
  2. hydraulic pressure and control system design of the sheet viscous pressure forming equipment
  3. numerical simulation of internal high pressure forming of the right-angle bent-tube with rectangular section
  4. This is significantly higher than the capabilities of warm liquid or warm gas pressure forming.
  5. Low pressure forming east of New Jersey should keep clouds and rain close to the New England coastline.

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