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  1. Peres vowed Tuesday that he would press on with peace-making.
  2. It was their decision to press on with more demands.
  3. Still, she said, the Republicans would press on with impeachment.
  4. But after his death many said he was courageous to press on with work.
  5. Both have vowed to press on with efforts to crush a four-decade leftist insurgency.
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  7. He will also want to press on with free trade deals with key trading partners.
  8. The Cabinet called on Palestinians to press on with the uprising until they gain independence.
  9. Rather than press on with the murder count, prosecutors struck a plea bargain for manslaughter.
  10. The CIA's Pakxe Unit decided to press on with a second stage to the offensive.
  11. Let the locks fall and press on with pride.
  12. The reporter, Alan Jennings of WPXI in Pittsburgh, did not press on with his questioning.
  13. In the meantime, environmentalists press on with their fight.
  14. With words of anger, Palestinians on the street vowed to press on with their uprising.
  15. Regardless, NATO should press on with plans to slowly expand as new members are ready.
  16. I will press on with our campaign against terror.
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