press on with meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "press on with" in a sentence
  • 加紧, 决心继续
  • press:    n. 【历史】强迫征募,抓壮丁。 v ...
  • in the press:    正在印刷
  • press:    vt. 1.压,按,揿,扳;推动;( ...
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  1. Let ' s press on with our work
  2. To ensure secure mounting of the unions on the hoses , they have to be pressed on with a predefined force
  3. The ministers agreed to press on with a combination of aerial bombardments and limited ground incursions into lebanon
  4. This also allowed them to press on with little casualties , allowing them to maintain their thrust and effectiveness and advance further
  5. We need to press on with battery research for plug - in and hybrid vehicles , and expand the use of clean diesel vehicles and biodiesel fuel

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