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  1. Cardoso said in Cartagena, Colombia, according to his press office.
  2. Constantinescu said in the letter, published by his press office.
  3. Helm's press office did not return phone calls on Tuesday.
  4. Yeltsin's press office would neither confirm nor deny the report.
  5. Dole's press office did not return phone calls seeking clarification.
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  7. The royal press office said the palace road had priority.
  8. Hezbollah's press office in Beirut denied firing rockets from Qana.
  9. Kasyanov signed the order Monday, the government press office said.
  10. Buchanan's press office did not return calls on the subject.
  11. If so, their press office may be able to assist.
  12. TAM's press office said four passengers suffered minor bruises.
  13. Lazio's press office would not comment on the report.
  14. The Cabinet's press office refused to confirm the remarks.
  15. This time, the press office has been more tight-lipped.
  16. Major's press office had no details of that proposal.
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