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  1. The Vatican Press Office closed Vatican Information Service in August 2012.
  2. The White House press office did not return calls seeking comment.
  3. Schroeder left early Monday for Helsinki, the government press office said.
  4. Laghi said in a statement issued by the Vatican press office.
  5. Putin said in a statement released by the Kremlin press office.
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  7. What on earth is the Downing Street press office involved for?
  8. Press office announcements that he has passed physicals are not enough.
  9. Calls to the governor's press office were not returned Monday.
  10. Kerry's press office did not return repeated calls for comment.
  11. Some of the militants escaped, the Serbian press office said.
  12. His press office on Tuesday confirmed the gist of it.
  13. Bloomberg's press office said Tuesday the mayor had no comment.
  14. The governor's press office did not offer an immediate response.
  15. Yeltsin said in a statement released by his press office.
  16. Lott's press office never responded to queries about his absence.
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