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  1. The group faxed its statement to The Associated Press office in Cairo.
  2. Several calls to his press office seeking comment were not returned Wednesday.
  3. Swift said in a statement issued by her press office Tuesday night.
  4. She left in August 1994 to work in the Pentagon press office.
  5. But the Orthodox Church press office in Bucharest declined to comment.
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  7. Boncodin said in a press statement faxed to Malacanang press office.
  8. The Disney press office has rightly poured scorn on these complaints.
  9. But the press office staff made sure the fix was in.
  10. Calls to the White House press office seeking comment went unanswured.
  11. His trial opened on Monday, the Supreme Court press office said.
  12. Netanyahu said in a videotape distributed by the government press office.
  13. Walesa wrote in a statement released by the presidential press office.
  14. The U . S . Embassy press office confirmed the quotes.
  15. During its existence the magazine was supported by the press office.
  16. The statement was faxed to The Associated Press office in Lebanon.
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